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aNna rybaT

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The representational (impressionistic) work i did early in my career seemed popular and sold well, but i was continuously drawn back to the abstract expressionist school i studied as a very young woman. i love experimenting with my Colorfield paintings by transferring the composition/design to sheer fabric (outsourced).  Then, i wrap the fabrics (hot pink, orange, and other un "natural" colors) to environmental "installations" of trees, grass, mountains, etc.  and photograph it.  i like to see my vivid pieces in the outdoors and unexpected (and very temporary) locations.  The "installation" is removed after a short time (usually a few hours, depending on various elements) and the environment returns to its natural state, without aRt.  i hope viewers of the installations (or the photographs) will consider the "before" and "after" and see how aRt can enhance the beauty of our environment by and our lives, especially where one would least expect it--in the natural world.