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"Liking it is Optional"


b. 1953.  Spanning five decades (plus) career, aNna rybaT's  most recent body of work reflects a new adherence to abstraction.  

"Paintings are by nature meant to be slightly deceptive.  Realism is only a slight departure from reality, so there is no satisfaction in recreating what i already see and know to be true.  It is more challenging and satisfying to capture a successful window in to one's inner [fill in the blank].   

aNna rybat"s ColorField paintings recall a painterly sensibility where brushwork and color recipes replace representational figures.  Her emergence as a professional artist grew from 23 years of a more structured, disciplined occupation while serving in the U.S. Navy.  After her service, aNna used the G.I. Bill to earn a B.F.A. and returned to a career in exploring colors and how they can be used to "represent" things other than things. 

"Every choice of color, every shape, every brushstroke evokes freedom and truth.  Most canvases result in something unruly (literally).   i have abandoned 'discipline' forever and rather obey the truth  that [for me] come from gestures related to the spiritual.  i have no idea where it comes from and am perfectly satisfied to not find out.   One thing the Navy taught me:  'Liking it is optional.'" 



aNna rybaT

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