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About my aRt:

   All of my work involves a sense of movement in some form. Drawn to the sea as a child; stationed near the sea during Navy years;  I choose to always live near the sea.

   My early training was in fashion design which evolved to fabric design.  I always need to incorporate a sense of motion in my fabrics and in my painting:  Movement of the wind, ocean, prairie grasses or figures. My paintings are the inspiration for fabric compositions.  I move the brush with bold, sweeping gestures across a canvas that is then transferred to fabric or paper.  Folded and layered onto a canvas, the textures create shadows and color palettes in motion/transition.     


   Whether a landscape, figure or unrecognizable abstract CoLorField, my compositions are a bit "un-RULE-y." I obey that spirit in me.  

   My work portrays ebb and flow in the sea.

About aNna rybaT:

b. 1953, Youngstown, OH

Currently live and work in West Sonoma County within view of Mayacamas mountains

and  one half hour from the Pacific Ocean.

I grew up in small town southwest of Cleveland.  In 1967 Dad gave up his job as a draftsman at Jones & Laughlin steel mill, went back to night school to earn master’s degree in teaching. His sacrifice

for our family made a profound impression on me.  To help my parents’ avoid the expense of college, I opted for another path:  To get away from my small town, steel-mill dependent, Midwest upbringing. It felt boring and not suited to my vision as a bohemian artist.

Instead of college, I travelled abroad to meet ancestral family in Austria, from where my

mother immigrated in 1950.  I began my formal aRt training in Linz, Austria (1971) at an extra-curricular night school class (Figure Drawing) and one year at Modeschule Hetzendorf in Vienna

(1972/3) where I learned fashion and design concepts.  I studied

Jugendstil, German and Abstract Expressionism with Josef Schützenhofer until 1974

when our son was born.  With limited prospects, much less higher

education, I flew home and waited tables.


I joined the Navy in January 1976, still hoping to get to college someday.  

The Navy provided 24 years of adventure:  I jumped out of airplanes, learned Spanish (and diplomacy) in Spain, met with Micronesian tribal chiefs to enlist Asian Pacific Islanders. 

These values stayed with me:  Self-discipline, and service above self.

The Navy paid for most of my tuition to attend college after-duty hours. I was accepted to

naval officer candidate school (OCS) in Newport RI and commissioned an ensign in 1982.

Later, the Navy sent me to graduate school at George Washington University.  I retired after 24 years of service and used G.I. Bill benefits to earn a second undergraduate BFA degree.

My fellow B.F.A. classmates (average age: 18 – 22) inspired me to refresh my

thinking, decision making and in visual expression.

In 2012, with my re-found purpose in aRt, we drove across country from Virginia to California to live closer to our son and family in San Francisco. 


2024:  Represented by Fulton Crossing Gallery.  It is a privilege to live in this beautiful place and be part of such tremendous talent in Sonoma County.  

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