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aNna (Wellman) rybaT


Painting is meant to be deceptive. Representational aRt conveys reality, so recreating what I already see doesn’t resonate with me.  It is more interesting to explore imperfect, off-center, asymmetrical outcomes.

Abstract, because I wanted to live outside of the steel mills where I grew up.  I transfer my most vivid compositions to fabric and create temporary installations in nature or urban settings.  Although “naturally” beautiful, even nature can be enhanced with aRt.  

Inspired by the work of Jeanne Claude & Christo and Andy Goldsworthy, my fabric installations are photographed and removed after a short time. 

After serving in the U.S. Navy (1976 – 2000), I returned to aRt full time. The Navy informed my aRt in the sense that I learned commitment, service to other-than-self, discipline and a sense that aRt can be used to build up, strengthen and beautify even the most unlikely environment. 

“Every choice of color, every shape, every brushstroke evokes freedom and truth.  I strive only to obey that truth, unruly as it is, sometimes.  I want to acknowledge my most gifted teacher, Josef Schutzenhofer, who most profoundly influenced my life and my aRt.

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