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Born of four small-ish canvases with which I was not satisfied, I bound them together and began to paint across the new larger area. Having no particular subject in mind, I used coLors that spoke to me that day. The event represents emotions more so than any "thing." It doesn't "look" like a waterfall to those who need realism, but after finishing (this piece took 2 years including all previous layers - of which there were probably at least 4 or 5), it felt like a waterscape. It is difficult for me to articulate the subject or the process of my abstract paintings so when I am finished - which often takes a year or longer to settle in before I accept it as finished - I analyze what I have done as if I were a curator or critic...a third person analysis...detached from my first person self. I tell myself - or sometimes I hear from visitors to my studio - what it is that I am looking at? Even abstract aRt - perhaps especially abstract aRt - calls out for interpretation as there are usually no recognizable touchstones. What I discovered in this piece is a forest or landscape of vegetation (green) surrounded by a pool of water (pale blue). The stark white streaks represent a waterfall. The delicate lilac splash is indicative ofexotic blooms (Ice plant perhaps). Then it made sense. I have been drawn to the sea and water all my life. Then it came to me: A hike earlier at Goat Rock at the beautiful Sonoma Coast. Perfect.

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