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It's not rocket science

Creating a masterpiece – or even a semi masterpiece takes guts.Here’s what I mean:Did you ever blurt out something and then think to yourself “Why did I say that?I wish I hadn’t said that.”That is how a painting starts out.You blurt out what is on your mind without filters.You frequently regret it.But with a painting – especially as forgiving as oil paint – you go back after you have had time to reflect – and add, change, multiply, refine.You have to (at least I have to….) recklessly surrender to those blurted impulses, good or bad.It is an honest, spiritual sentiment.Don’t argue with it.You must obey.Wait for it.I don’t listen so much to my outside critic as I do to my inner critic.My outside critic is judgmental, classically trained in academics, beholden to “professional” standards.My inner critic says, “Go for it. Get crazy.Use paint liberally and brushwork even more so.Loosen up.Be bold.”That is why it is helpful to not have a pre-conceived composition in mind.I’m speaking for abstract aRt, but even if you are painting a beautiful landscape, still-life or portrait, a few “mistakes” here and there and a wild venture into the willy-nilly, using color “opposites” is healthy.

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