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Stormy Tuesday

A client loved "Stormy Monday," (40" x 30") but requested a smaller (24" x 18") version, with turquoise highlights. Just finished. Still drying. It is not possible (for me) to recreate another original from an original, but this one seemed to work. The colors fit perfectly with the mood of most of the country this morning, snowy and cold (thankfully not where I live). The best part of this piece is 1) unusual folds that create interesting shapes and shadows and 2) color palette (mixed up). The process: A piece of sheer, lightweight fabric that is minimum 50% larger than intended canvas is drenched in laytex paint of a neutral color. When it dries (2 or 3 days), I brush on a second coat. The laytex paint acts as a barrier, adhesive and primer to the oil paint layer which comes next. Since I was creating a piece with same palette as previous original, the color mixing was a bit easier this time, although I didn't try to copy it exactly I enjoy the variations of the color in the background. The highlights (orange, yellow, green from opposite ends of color wheel) were added while I painted the background. When a blurb of an interesting dab of highlight shows up, I am careful not to destroy it by while blending near it. I wished to start and complete this sculpted painting in one day to preserve those dabs and blurbs. Plus to force spontaneity...kind of vital in abstract aRt.

I still love the larger scale (40" x 30") better but this client didn't have space for it in her home. It will be professionally photographed next.

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