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This Used to be the City (Now it's green)

Begun in 2008, completed in 2020, this piece was reworked and retitled from the original (2010): "The City" as it (originally) an abstract cityscape of New York. I was unsatisfied with it and reworked it until it no longer looked anything like a cityscape. There remains a patch of blue sky and shadowy non-descript buildings barely visible. This city has been over-run by green grass and trees (sort of the opposite of Joni Mitchell's "Paved Paradise"). New title: "This Used to be the City (Now it's Green)." The multiple layers give this piece a texture and 3 dimensional surface . It can be presented lenghth-wise (40" x 60") or vertically (60" x 40"). Photographed by Digital Grange, Petaluma, CA

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